How to Make a Vlog?,,,,,,

You've been watching YouTube videos for a while now and decided that you also want to do the same thing, but how?

Before you begin searching the whole world wide web about the best gadgets to use for video recording, please consider auditioning in front of the mirror first. This will help you determine if you are wholeheartedly positive that you really wanted to do it.

Also, practice with your old gadgets. Most smartphones are already equipped with video/camera and there are lots of free video editing softwares that you can download online. Record a "pretend" vlog, do the editing, and upload it on YouTube. Watch and do some assessments base on what you have made. Is vlogging really fits your personality? How do you feel about video editing? Is it worth investing money for? How long is the payback time? Can you afford losing all the money you invested in? (Just in case) And, do you have ideas on what to vlog about?

If your answers are convincing enough to pursue your dream of becoming a vlogger/YouTuber, go ahead and plunge in!

Here's the checklist of what you will be needing:

1. Time - creating a video will take too much of your time, especially if you are just starting out. Fix your schedule so you don't waste any of it. Be wise.

2. Internet Connection - without this, everything's just a dream. I bet you already know why.

3. Subject Matter/ Game Plan - this is what you want the world to see. The content of your video is the most important recipe to your success. It's the reason why the viewers will watch and follow your creations.

4. HD Quality Video Camera - let's face it. Low quality videos are boring. It's not gonna keep people from watching it and wanting more of it.

5. Computer - unless you don't edit videos and your camera has direct connection to YouTube, you don't need this. But, who does that? If you are not going to do gaming vlogs, regular computers are okay. As long as it is compatible with the video editing software that you are going to choose.

6. Video Editing Software - don't spend too much money on this but choose the one that you are familiar with. Base on my experience, this is the most challenging part. It requires knowledge, skills and some creativity.

7. YouTube Account - creating one is very easy. Just go to and sign up. You can also use your existing one if you have any.

8. Patience - keep the fire going but don't be burnt out. Success doesn't come easy and fast.

9. Perseverance - be consistent and keep on making new videos. Have the passion for learning and improving every day.

10. Sustainable Income/Spending Money - you need to established atleast 10,000 views to be able to monetize your videos. Meaning, you're not going to earn money right away. It takes weeks, months or years depending on the quality of your videos. Make sure you are financially ready and spend wisely.

Good luck!